Performing in a challenging environment

Performing in a challenging environment

2020 is almost over, and it has been a very special year. As everything else in society, also Invenir has had to adapt to the new normal. Travelling has been minimized, physical meetings and working on site has switched to online meetings and working from distance. Good internal and external communication, planning and preparatory works are more important than ever.

We are especially proud of our remote monitoring system that we developed during the year. We can now automatically collect video recordings of alarm situations, where we can analyze what happened before the alarm occurred. The system provides huge benefits in trouble shooting, especially when assisting our customers from distance. More info on the new system will come to our homepage in short.

We are very fortunate that we have been able to fulfill all our installations and start-ups. It has required quite a lot of puzzle work and flexibility. From Plan A to Plan B to Plan C and so on. Not to forget some good luck, with travel windows open at the right time to the right countries. We want to send a special thanks to our customers for their co-operation. When we all do our best, we can do good things also in a challenging environment.

We go towards 2021 with a healthy staff, a healthy order book, and a good portfolio of received tender requests. Hopefully it will be a good year on all levels, and that next years summary will look forward to 2022 without Corona.

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