Improved compression packaging of insulation wool

The demand of higher compression ratio is more and more significant within packaging of insulation products.

Martek-Invenir has now, during a customer case, developed a new concept over slab packaging machine (bag machine). The first system will be taken in production in year-end.

-During testing with the new equipment we were able to pack up to 20 slabs/pack instead of current norm 10 slabs – still using the same foil and foil tube size, says Juho Hemminki at Martek-Invenir.

The advantages of the new machine concept:

  • – less over compression during the packaging process
  • – ability to pack higher density products with the same machine as low density products (up to 50 kg/m3)
  • – possibility to use the same pack size with the higher density products as with the low density products
  • – ability for much higher compression ratio already during primary packaging process (even up to double the current ratio)
  • – possibility to save 30-50 % of primary packaging foil
  • – simpler snout construction
  • – easier bag handling
  • – optional possibility to adjust bag size
  • – easier and faster handling of packs in secondary packaging (multipack) process
  • – better package quality compared to four side sealing (this feature also in the old model)
  • – simpler construction, less maintenance

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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