Performing in a challenging environment

Performing in a challenging environment

2020 is almost over, and it has been a very special year. As everything else in society, also Invenir has had to adapt to the new normal. Travelling has been minimized, physical meetings and working on site has switched to online meetings and working from distance. Good internal and external communication, planning and preparatory works are more important than ever.

We are especially proud of our remote monitoring system that we developed during the year. We can now automatically collect video recordings of alarm situations, where we can analyze what happened before the alarm occurred. The system provides huge benefits in trouble shooting, especially when assisting our customers from distance. More info on the new system will come to our homepage in short.

We are very fortunate that we have been able to fulfill all our installations and start-ups. It has required quite a lot of puzzle work and flexibility. From Plan A to Plan B to Plan C and so on. Not to forget some good luck, with travel windows open at the right time to the right countries. We want to send a special thanks to our customers for their co-operation. When we all do our best, we can do good things also in a challenging environment.

We go towards 2021 with a healthy staff, a healthy order book, and a good portfolio of received tender requests. Hopefully it will be a good year on all levels, and that next years summary will look forward to 2022 without Corona.


Corona times, but work continues

Invenir project working has not been affected too much by the corona-virus, at least not yet. Planning, assembly and testing operations have continued as normal. Due to the travel restrictions some on-site installations will require special arrangements. We have also seen some delays in components supply, but it is not too bad.

We have applied internal precaution activities:  avoiding all unnecessary traveling, taking no visitors, activating some practical measures inside the normal working day and part of the office people working from distance.

We also continue discussions and project planning for the future with a number of potential customers. It is good to see that all the investment plans have not been blocked by corona. It will be over some day, and now is the best moment to start plans and preparations for machine installations in 2021.


Looking forward to 2020

It’s time to look forward to 2020.

2018-19 were busy years for Invenir, thanks to a strong growth in sales in recent years. Rapid growth can be challenging, but we have been fortunate to find more professionals in all required fields of competence: Project management, mechanical design, electrical design, assembly, programming and not to forget ever so important functions as documentation and after sales. We are now better than ever equipped to meet the demands of our customers.

We go into 2020 with an optimal organization, having a healthy order and offer book. That gives us the opportunity to focus on staying in the front edge of technological development and project execution. Good can always be better.

P.S. In stead of sending post card greetings, we have made a charity donation.


References updated

If you wonder what we have worked with within the last years, please check our updated reference lists under Woodworking and Insulation Industry. There you can find examples of what we have delivered so far.


More orders, more muscles

We are happy to announce that we have received many significant orders during the start of 2017. Together with the strong offer book, it has enabled us to employ new co-workers. We have made in total 4 new recruitments, to construction design department and assembly department. Thus we are well prepared to meet the increasing demand for our solutions.


Invenir receives large order from SCA

Invenir Oy has received a significant order from SCA for updating the existing planer line in Tunadal. The delivery includes both new equipment and re-arranging and control of existing equipment.

– We are very excited and proud that we were chosen by SCA as the main supplier for this major investment. The order is one of the biggest in our history, and it is the first time we have signed a contract with SCA, which is one of the biggest forest product companies in Europe. We look forward to working with SCA and we hope it will lead into a long lasting partnership, says Andreas Björses, Director of Wood Industry at Invenir Oy.

– This investment is of great importance to us. We are getting a line that is fully adapted to our main product lines, for example exterior cladding. With the new line we should be able to take a market leading position in terms of quality and future development. We are fully satisfied with the solutions presented by Invenir that, in competition with others, best meets our requirements, says Markus Henningsson, manager SCA Timber Supply Skandinavien

The installation works will start in the end of 2017, and the production will start in February 2018.


Petri Saikkonen joins Invenir as Technical Director

Invenir is pleased to announce that as of today, Petri Saikkonen has been appointed Technical Director and will join the project sales and administration team.

Petri has 20 years of experience of project sales and management to the woodworking businesses. Petri  joins Invenir from Manitek Oy, where he worked as head of sales. For the time being Petri will also continue co-operation with Manitek plywood customers.

-It is rare to find people with Petri’s skills, know-how and contact network. I am sure he will be a great addition to our team, says CEO Matti Ylitalo.

For more information, please contact Petri Saikkonen or Matti Ylitalo.


Increasing demand for Invenir solutions – three new recruitments

After receiving multiple orders in the beginning of 2016 – still keeping a strong offer book, Invenir is happy to announce three new recruitments. All three are add-on recruitments, to increase the strength and capacity of Invenir. Timo Koski has joined the construction design department, Pekka Uusitalo is new in the automation department, and Mikko Heinonen will join the assembly department. Invenir now has a staff of 19 persons, in addition to a solid network of subcontractors.


Invenir update of FJ-feeding system boosts production in Sweden

Invenir has upgraded the automatic feeding system to a horizontal Finger Joint machine for StoraEnso in Sweden. The installation and the commissioning of the next generation feeding system was done during a long weekend.

– We are very satisfied with the Invenir delivery, as we have had a clear increase in production capacity since the update, says Jan-Owe Swaij at StoraEnso .

Invenir next generation feeding system combines all benefits with product development. It is cheaper to build, more simple to use, requires less setting times – still being faster and more reliable than other solutions on the market. For more information, please contact Andreas Björses at Invenir.


Next generation Slab Packaging Machine in production in Turkey

Martek-Invenir next generation slab packaging machine has been installed and commissioned successfully for Izocam Ticaret ve Sanyi A.S. in Istanbul at the end of year 2015.

The new bagger is able to pack more slabs/pack than other existing machines, with less over compression – still using the same foil and foil tube size.


The delivery of the bagger was the first project for Martek-Invenir in co-operation with Izocam and also the first delivery to Turkey.

For further details about the new bagger, please contact Juho Hemminki.