Invenir update of FJ-feeding system boosts production in Sweden

Invenir has upgraded the automatic feeding system to a horizontal Finger Joint machine for StoraEnso in Sweden. The installation and the commissioning of the next generation feeding system was done during a long weekend.

– We are very satisfied with the Invenir delivery, as we have had a clear increase in production capacity since the update, says Jan-Owe Swaij at StoraEnso .

Invenir next generation feeding system combines all benefits with product development. It is cheaper to build, more simple to use, requires less setting times – still being faster and more reliable than other solutions on the market. For more information, please contact Andreas Björses at Invenir.


Next generation Slab Packaging Machine in production in Turkey

Martek-Invenir next generation slab packaging machine has been installed and commissioned successfully for Izocam Ticaret ve Sanyi A.S. in Istanbul at the end of year 2015.

The new bagger is able to pack more slabs/pack than other existing machines, with less over compression – still using the same foil and foil tube size.


The delivery of the bagger was the first project for Martek-Invenir in co-operation with Izocam and also the first delivery to Turkey.

For further details about the new bagger, please contact Juho Hemminki.


Invenir at Puu ja Bioenergia 2015 in Jyväskylä 2-4.9.2015

We welcome you to meet us at the Puu ja Bioenergia 2015 fair in Jyväskylä 2-4.9.2015. You can find us at stand B-561. Personnel from scanner supplier Woodeye will also attend the fair together with us.

If your schedule is tight and you wish to book negotiation time, please contact Andreas Björses, +358 503298681.


Improved compression packaging of insulation wool

The demand of higher compression ratio is more and more significant within packaging of insulation products.

Martek-Invenir has now, during a customer case, developed a new concept over slab packaging machine (bag machine). The first system will be taken in production in year-end.

-During testing with the new equipment we were able to pack up to 20 slabs/pack instead of current norm 10 slabs – still using the same foil and foil tube size, says Juho Hemminki at Martek-Invenir.

The advantages of the new machine concept:

  • – less over compression during the packaging process
  • – ability to pack higher density products with the same machine as low density products (up to 50 kg/m3)
  • – possibility to use the same pack size with the higher density products as with the low density products
  • – ability for much higher compression ratio already during primary packaging process (even up to double the current ratio)
  • – possibility to save 30-50 % of primary packaging foil
  • – simpler snout construction
  • – easier bag handling
  • – optional possibility to adjust bag size
  • – easier and faster handling of packs in secondary packaging (multipack) process
  • – better package quality compared to four side sealing (this feature also in the old model)
  • – simpler construction, less maintenance

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


Invenir receives an order for a Coating line

Invenir has received an order for a coating line from Woodcomp Oy. Invenir will supply the line mechanization, spray boxes and handling in the drying oven. Installation and start up will be in July 2015.






Invenir receives an order from Ecobirch AS

Invenir has received an order from Ecobirch AS for handling equipment to their glue board factory in Pärnu, Estonia. The installation and commissioning will be done in summer 2015.






Successful delivery to Stora Enso in Russia

Invenir has completed a delivery of machinery to Stora Enso in Nebolchi, Russia.

– I thank you for a well done project. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team, says Mikhail Polin, General Director at SET Novo.






Invenir develops next generation horizontal FJ-feeding

Invenir has developed their feeding system to a horizontal Finger Joint Machine. It is faster and even more reliable than the earlier generation. It is also more open for the operators to access, and requires no setting time during most product changes.

The new system is capable of handling >350 pcs per minute, depending on cut lengths and product dimensions. With wide boards profiles or longer cut lengths it can handle over 200 pcs per minute.

The system offers great benefits when linked directly after multiple cross-cut saws, yet it also is beneficial with manual or semi-automatic offline feeding.

Invenir has filed a patent application for their solution.

For further information, please contact Andreas Björses or Matti Ylitalo.


Invenir prepares for installation start at Stora Enso.

Invenir is preparing a new delivery for handling equipment to a FJ-line for StoraEnso.

Installation and commissioning will be done in July, with production start-up immediately after the holidays.






Invenir moves to Loimaa

Invenir has moved to new premises in Loimaa. The premises include a workshop of 1600 m2 and office space of 400 m2. The new address is Kisällinkatu 2, 32200 Loimaa, Finland. The premises are owned by Invenir Oy.