About us


Invenir Oy is a supplier of automatic material handling systems for the wood and insulation industries.
It is a private Finnish company, owned by its key persons. It has a staff of 35, as well as a solid network of subcontractors.

The company’s staff has extensive experience of material handling in wood and insulation industries.


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. The best results are reached when the co-operation between the supplier and customer is close, trustworthy and fluent. Thus we see our customers as partners. Our aim is to establish true and long term partnerships instead of one time business relations.

Fitting the pieces together

We are good in finding solutions to complex production challenges. Usually the answer is found by setting multiple simple pieces together in a suitable way, like in a puzzle. In order to secure this process, we pay attention to pre-planning and projecting together with you. When the right solution is found, the suitable often seems to be the obvious. Most of the pieces in this production puzzle are designed and produced by our self and they can be integrated seamlessly with other machinery.

Effective processes

The total efficiency is a combination of a functional layout, reliably working machines, clear operator interfaces and good training, not forgetting the operator safety and maintenance issues.  All this is not an easy task, but we can manage it – in good co-operation with our customers.

Best results

A good delivery is started up without delays and reaches the agreed performance on time. To ensure this, we use a lot of effort in testing the equipment with correct materials and speeds at our factory, and we welcome you to check and accept the performance before the shipment.